Services and Prices


Self Therapy LLC

1301 NW 67th St.

Lawton, OK 73505

Self Therapy LLC is a locally owned business.  Our mission is to provide our community with a clean, relaxing, & safe environment in which you can enjoy the many benefits that massage therapy and other alternative therapies can make in your life and the lives of the people around you.  We keep the doors of Self Therapy LLC  open 7 days a week and take evening appointments too, in hopes that everyone will have an opportuntity to experience the services that we provide in our facility.

All of our massage therapy sessions,  include at no additional cost to you:  A professional massage therapist, the massage technique of your choice, hot stone placement, & our signature warm towels.

We offer discounts to seniors, minors, and military personnel.  In addition to our on going weekly discounted menu, we extend even more opportunities to save to select groups of individuals each month.

Hour Massage – $75

Let our massage technicians treat your mind and body to a truly professional massage, designed to meet your individual therapeutic needs. Melt away your stress, improve circulation, increase range of motion, and ease muscular tension in just one hour. All of our massages are at a flat rate; this means there is no additional charge to your session for specialized techniques.




Express Services:

If you are finding it difficult to break away from your busy schedule why not come in and enjoy one of our express services.


Neck Back & Shoulder Massage-$40

Studies have shown that even an affordable 15 minute massage can reduce tension headaches, stress, and anxiety.  Our Neck, Back, & Shoulder Massage session is approximately 25 minutes.  This experience will allow your therapist plenty of time to work out and relieve targeted areas that have been giving you trouble.  Additionally, this mini getaway will increase your mental focus and productivity.

Express Body Scrub-$40

Provides moisture & freshness to skin dry & rough body skin.  A vigorous Sugar or Salt Scrub will smooth the skin while giving it a delightful and titillating fragrance.  This session is about 25 minutes long, you will notice an increase your circulation, stimulation to your central nervous system, and a deep feeling of relaxation during this mini pamper treatment.

Holistic Facial-$40

Sneak away with our 25 minute Holistic Facial.  This is a wonderful introduction to the holistic Farmaesthetics skincare regimen.  Lay back and relax as your therapist takes you away with our refreshing facial, you will enjoy a warm heated table, scented towels, as well as a deep and gentle cleansing, a renewing exfoliation and mask, and to finish indulge in a toning and firming face and neck massage. Excellent as a standalone service or an ADD-ON.


Hand or Foot Scrub Therapy $10

You choose. Will you be turning back the hands of time when you add on a Hand Scrub or maybe you want to put your best foot forward and try our refreshing Foot Scrub.

  • Remove dead, dry skin and protect feet.
  • Ease foot pain and increase circulation.
  • Refresh the entire body through reflex stimulation.

Paraffin Wax $10

Melt away your pain with a pamper treatment for your hands or feet.

  • Ease muscle, tendon and ligament ailments.
  • Increase blood flow, improve joint stiffness and reduce pain.
  • Hydrate and moisturize dry, callused skin.

Aromatherapy $10

Customize your treatment and relieve health issues like:

  • Stress
  • Sinusitis
  • Migraines

Spa Pantry $10

Needing to boost your treatment results? Add one of the many ingredients from our Spa Pantry. This is a great addition to body wraps and body scrubs. Consider the following information.

  • Cocoa Powder= releases seratonin and enhances your mood
  • Green Tea= helps with digesition and detoxification
  • Egg whites= to firm and tighten the skin
  • Lavender= rheumatism, headaches, and depression
  • Mustard= opens pores to help sweat out impurities and great for muscle and joint soreness
  • Oatmeal= to calm and hydrate dry and sensitive skin conditions
  • AND MORE….

$115 Algae Wrap

Active algae cultures stimulate the body’s natural detoxification process through the use of brown, red, and green algae. Begin the toxin elimination with a glass of detox tea. You will be escorted to your treatment room, where you will enjoy heated lava stones placed on your back and experience the warm application of algae. You will then be wrapped in several heat activated layers. Enjoy the warmth of the table, cocoon wrap, & hot stone placement and melt away your stress while the product does all of the work.  Your entire treatment will take about 60 – 75 minutes to complete.

$70 Body Scrub

Your treatment will begin by using a dry brush technique from head to toe. After your circulatory system has been activated, your therapist will apply a warm sea salt customized for your individual needs, paying special attention to those hard to reach places. Warm scented towels will be used to remove the scrub. Following the invigorating treatment you will receive a neck, back, and shoulder massage that is sure to melt away any remaining stresses and worries.  You can experience all of this luxury in about 60 minutes.

$80 Dead Sea Body Wrap

Our body mask soothes & rejuvenates tired skin. This treatment will allow you to escape and renew while it restores lost moisture, minimizes the appearance of cellulite, & removes impurities through your bodies natural detoxifying system. Your treatment lasts about 60 minutes and will begin by using a dry brush technique from head to toe. After your circulatory system has been activated, your therapist will apply a warm mud direct from the deadsea. Warm scented towels will be used to remove the product.

$150 Side by Side Massage

Enjoy an hour of truly quality time with this creative way to spend the day with someone that you care about. Our side by side treatments involve two people experiencing their spa session at the same time in the same room. Our suite is designed specifically for this purpose, in order for both you and your guest to enjoy this relaxing time together. One benefit of a side by side massage is that it gives the couple an opportunity to relax and relieve tension, as well as aches and pains, while the therapist provides massage techniques specific to the individuals needs. Another surprising benefit maybe a communication boost between the two of you. It can provide time for a relaxed conversation which paves the way for a wonderful union between the pair. We offer you the opportunity to enrich your relationship with the guest of your choice, whether it is with a dear friend, a mother and daughter, geared towards romance, or perhaps a very special occasion, however you choose to experience this rare treat, it is well worth the time and money!

Spa Parties

Self Therapy LLC warmly welcomes you and your guests to our friendly environment and want you to enjoy our facility without any interruptions.  Our Spa Party option reserves the entire establishment and staff for your convenience.

Services to choose from:

  • Neck, Back, and Shoulder Massage
  • Holistic Facial
  • Express Body Scrub

Parties consist of groups 5 or more

You and your guests will choose from a variety of express services. Choose one for each person at only $35 each or two services for each person for only $65.

There is a $150 non-refundable deposit required for spa parties and reservations, this fee will be applied to the final cost of the party as directed from the guest.

The spa reservation fee is modestly priced at $50 an hour or at a flat rate of $250, this fee ensures that both you and your guests enjoy the entire establishment without any interruptions as well as the full service and attention of the entire Self Therapy LLC staff. Some guests have found creative ways to assist with the cost of reservation, for example, they have split the costs among all of the guests , whatever method you choose, you will not regret the comfort and care that you will receive during your private party with friends and family. If you would like to decorate or provide food and beverages, please discuss this with one of our therapists at the time of booking, in order to allow extra time for you to do so if needed.

Please remember for EVERY 5 Referrals you bring to our establishment, you will be rewarded with a FREE ONE HOUR MASSAGE, this is a $75.00 value and there is no limit to how many referral credits that you can earn within one year.